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Livescribe A5 Spiral Notebooks (4-pack)

Livescribe A5 spiral notebooks

Livescribe A5 Spiral Notebooks (4-pack)

NZ$34.95 (inc NZ$4.56 GST)


A5 Spiral Notebooks. These notebooks are sold as a pack of 4 and are a handy lightweight notebook. 

This dot paper accessory is a 4-pack of A5 notebooks. The pads are numbered 1-4. Each single subject notebook has 80 college-ruled perforated sheets. These notepads are ideal for class work, meetings, and conferences.

Each pad includes:

  • Scientific, financial and statistical calculator (inside the front cover)
  • Divider with 2 storage pockets for all your loose-leaf notes and papers
  • Perforated A5 size (210x148.5) dot paper, college-ruled
  • Black covers only

Important Tips re Livescribe Paper Products

  • The numbering of each Livescribe dot paper product is important. Your Livescribe Smartpen understands which dot paper product it is writing in (by the number of the pad/journal).
  • When you're done with a pad or journal, you can archive it with Livescribe Desktop and start a new one.
  • We recommend you work through a series before starting again with the first book.
    • For this product, use the A5 notebooks in sequence (i.e. use book 1, then move onto book 2 and so on).
  • Please do not use two identically numbered lined pads or journals at the same time because the pen will think it is writing on the same page, and overwrite your data.
    • Example relevant to this product - you can use A5 notebooks 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the same time. But NOT two of A5 notebooks numbered 1.
  • When you complete a book, pad or journal, you can archive it using Livescribe Desktop. Archiving it saves your data forever, and allows you to use a new journal of the same number again.
  • Please note that you don't necessarily need to start with the first dot paper product in a series.