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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Smartpen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The Livescribe 3 smartpen will work with the following Apple mobile products

  • iPhone - 4S (or newer)
  • iPad - 3rd generation (or newer)
  • iPad mini (or newer)
  • iPod touch - 5th generation (or newer)


Please note, your compatible device needs to be running Apple iOS 7 (or newer)


The recent launch of Livescribe+ for Android means existing Livescribe 3 customers can use their pen across multiple iOS and Android devices.

The key rule is one Livescribe 3 smartpen will pair with up to four different iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This means note-takers can share notes across multiple devices and even multiple platforms.

To check the compatibility of your Android device please consult this FAQ.

The following table will be updated as more devices are confirmed as being compatible with the Livescribe+ app for Android

ManufacturerModelMinimum OS Version
All OthersDevice with Bluetooth® Smart low energy4.4.2
GoogleNexus 4 (LG)
Nexus 5 (LG)
Nexus 6 (Motorola)
Nexus 7 (2013 - ASUS)
Nexus 9 (HTC)
G3 Vigor
G Pad 8.3 LTE
MotorolaDroid Maxx
Moto E
Moto G
Moto X
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note 4 & 5
Galaxy Note Edge
Galaxy S III
Galaxy S III mini
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5 Active
Galaxy S5 Sport
Galaxy S6
Galaxy Tab 4 7.0
Galaxy Tab S 10.5
SharpAQUOS Crystal4.4.2
SonyXperia Z1 Compact
Xperia Z2
Xperia Z3
Xperia Z3 Compact
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
XiaomiMi 44.4.3


If you are unable to update the smartpen firmware using the Livescribe+ app, you can manually update the firmware from a computer by following the steps in one of these two articles:

29040 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Windows manual firmware update utility

29140 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Mac manual firmware update utility

For help with printing a “Device Pairing” button, you will need to print the “WIFI Printed Controls Sheet”.  The control sheet has the “Device Pairing” button under the “WIFI SETTINGS” section.  All of the other buttons can only be used with the wifi smartpen (and some buttons with the Echo/Pulse smartpen).

To print the “WIFI Printed Controls Sheet”, please see 60013 - Printing free Livescribe 3 or Livescribe wifi smartpen dot paper.

The Livescribe 3 smartpen and Livescribe+ app is not currently compatible with Android. An app for certain Android devices is under development and is now expected to be released in early 2015.

Our decision to launch on iOS devices was based on the fact that Apple devices have supported Bluetooth® Smart technology since the release of the iPhone 4S. Android support forBluetooth Smart technology was only just announced with Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean), which was released in the summer of 2013 and is only available on a handful of Android smartphones as of November 1, 2013.

The reason we developed a Bluetooth Smart device is because it is the right and best connection protocol for use with a smartpen.  The bandwidth requirements, ease of pairing and enormous battery benefits make it the right choice.  It is the same technology being adopted by a variety of other connected devices including heart rate monitors, fitness bands (FitBit, Nike Fuelband) and others.

Livescribe Helper is a companion application for Mac and Windows that is designed to complete the initial activation and firmware update for your Livescribe wifi smartpen.  Future smartpen updates will be deployed wirelessly.

You can download Livescribe Helper during the initial setup process at any time by clicking one of these Livescribe Helper links:

Livescribe Helper can be installed on:

  • Intel-based Mac running OS 10.6.x or higher
  • Windows PC running Windows XP SP 3 (32-bit XP only - 64-bit XP not supported) or higher

NOTE:  Tablets are not supported.

After docking the smartpen and clicking the Helper “Install” button, the wifi smartpen update should take approximately 10 minutes (this can vary depending on your download speed).

If you are having a problem using the  Livescribe Helper app to download the firmware and update your wifi smartpen, please see:


29020 - WIFI - Windows manual firmware update utility


29120 - WIFI - Mac manual firmware update utility


You can use your Livescribe 3 smartpen with multiple compatible iOS 7 phones or tablets (up to four at one time).

Any notes, diagrams and drawings made with your smartpen will be synced to each device separately. However, any content created within Livescribe+, including pencasts, photos and text snippets added to your Feed, and any tags or edits made to content, will not be transferred.

Livescribe has advised that they are currently developing updates to Livescribe+ that will allow for full syncing of your content using iCloud. 

When you wish to share pencasts, Livescribe+ will produce a standards-based PDF document called a “Livescribe PDF”.  If you wish to just share snippets from the Feed view, Livescribe+ will create a jpeg. 

The “Livescribe PDF” files can be imported (83350 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Importing notes and audio) and opened by anyone with Livescribe+ installed on their compatible mobile iOS 7 device (83002 - LIVESCRIBE+ - System requirements of Livescribe 3 smartpen and Livescribe+). 

The documents can also be opened on other devices with any standard PDF reader, but the pencast will not be playable as synced notes and audio within the PDF. 

For any content that does not contain audio, Livescribe+ will create a standard PDF document. 

For content that does contain audio, a standard PDF is created.  In Adobe Reader the audio can only be accessed by clicking on the paper clip icon in the upper left corner of the PDF window (this location may vary for other PDF viewer apps).  Clicking within the document will open a web page (internet connection required) and allow the pencast to be played online (this Web-based player is still under development but will be available soon).

The Livescribe 3 smarten and the Livescribe 3 smartpen Pro Pack are available via our online store.

We have physical inventory on hand and can ship the same day

Your smartpen can hold up to 20,000 pages of notes on the pen and will automatically sync up when you reconnect, so you can capture penstrokes with just your Livescribe 3 smartpen and your Livescribe pad. You can then sync to your mobile device when needed.

If you want to check whether you have the most current version of Livescribe Desktop, Livescribe Connect, Echo smartpen firmware, or Sky WiFi smartpen firmware please check this page from Livescribe - Livescribe Software Release Notes

Livescribe Helper is a companion application for Macintosh and Windows that is designed to complete the initial activation and firmware update for your Sky smartpen. Future smartpen updates will be deployed over-the-air, but the Livescribe Helper can also be used as another option if WiFi is not available.

The Sky WiFi Smartpen can also connect to the internet through your computer by using the Livescribe Helper App and the included USB cable. This is a convenient backup option to synchronize your recorded notes and audio with your online Evernote account when WiFi is not available.

You can download the Livescribe Helper app during the initial setup process at or anytime later at


Simply register your Sky smartpen with your existing Evernote login information. As part of this process you also receive an additional monthly upload allowance of 500MB just for the content created with the Sky smartpen.

If you don’t have an existing Evernote account, you will be prompted to create one while registering your Sky smartpen. You will follow a simple set of steps, such as providing an email address, username and password.

Once your Evernote account is set up and your smartpen is ready to use, you can easily access you recorded notes and audio online through your web browser. For the best experience, we recommend that you also install the free Evernote applications on your computer and your mobile devices.

Specific Evernote applications are available for Max OS X, Windows and many mobile devices including: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, and HP WebOS. These apps are available at:

Go to for a quick step-by-step guide.

During this process, you will be instructed to set up your Livescribe and Evernote accounts as well as to link your Sky smartpen to these accounts. 

You may also be asked to download the Livescribe Helper to perform an initial software upgrade.  Future upgrades will be automatic and deployed over-the-air

Yes. Sky is also an ideal companion for a tablet. Together they offer the natural feel and precision of writing on paper with the advantages of viewing, sharing, and saving handwritten notes on a tablet.


There are free Evernote apps for Apple and Android-based tablets and smartphones.  Simply install the Evernote app on your device and login to your account. You’ll have quick, up-to-date access to everything you’ve written and recorded with Sky. Now it’s easy to take bring your handwritten notes from meetings, classes or brainstorms with you.

To ensure you always have access to your words, ideas and notes - everything you write and record is automatically sent to Evernote and synchronized with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once in Evernote, you can also set up a shared notebook, send the information by email, or post it to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  You can also copy the URL to a specific note and share it with others.

There are no online storage limits for your Evernote account, however Evernote does limit the amount of new content that can be uploaded in a single month.

Evernote has two primary consumer solutions:

  • Evernote Basic is free and includes up to 60MB of monthly storage for any type of content, whether photos, videos, documents, emails or web pages.
  • Evernote Premium is $49.95 a year and includes up to 1GB of monthly storage for any type of content, whether photos, videos, documents, emails or web pages. With Evernote Premium, you’ll also have the ability to take notebooks offline, create collaborative notebooks and view note history.

You can use either Evernote Basic or Evernote Premium with the Sky smartpen.

With the purchase of a Sky smartpen, customers will also receive the Livescribe Edition of Evernote.

  • Livescribe Edition of Evernote is free and gives users an additional monthly upload allowance of 500MB just for the content created with the Sky smartpen. With this additional upload capacity, Sky smartpen users can upload up to 10,000 pages of notes (w/o audio) or up to 70 hours of recorded audio (depending on the audio quality setting).

For more information about the types of Evernote accounts available visit

At the core, Evernote serves as the repository for all of your words, ideas, diagrams and audio recordings created with the Sky smartpen. Evernote keeps this information synced with your computer, smartphone and tablet, so you always have the latest updates at your fingertips.

Other Evernote benefits include:

  • Multiple file types: Evernote allows you to store your pencasts (notes and audio recorded with a Sky smartpen) alongside, emails, documents, web pages, photos, videos and more. So now every important file for a project, trip or homework assignment can be stored in once central place, making it even easier for you to find what you need, when you need it.
  • Organise: Once your notes are in Evernote, you can rename them and add tags to better organize how your information is stored and searched. 
  • Search: You can search your handwritten notes created with the Sky smartpen, text in documents and files, as well as any tags you’ve added to your notes for personal organization. This makes finding the needle in the haystack that much easier.
  • Access: Evernote has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Blackberry, which means you always have access to your information whether at your computer, in the library or on the go.

Yes. Evernote is the central repository of all of your recorded notes and audio. You can either link your Sky smartpen to your existing Evernote account or create a new Evernote account if you don’t have one

Storing information "in the cloud," means the data from your smartpen is securely stored on remote servers you can access from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Many popular apps and services use cloud technology, like Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.

The benefit of cloud storage is synchronized access to your important information from nearly any computer or mobile device, whether at home, in the office or on the go. Now your words and ideas aren’t limited to one single notebook, computer or device – they are available anywhere, any time.

Yes. Evernote limits the size of a file that can be uploaded to your account - detailed version specification information about Evernote can be found here.

In summary:

  • Evernote Basic - 25MB per file
  • Evernote Plus - 50MB per file
  • Premium or Business - 200MB per file.

For recorded notes and audio, Livescribe is automatically segmenting extra-large files (that exceed these file size limits) and managing them for you so that uploading them will not be a problem.

Livescribe’s smartpen combines all four modes of communication - reading, writing, speaking and listening - in a low cost, convenient, simple format of pen and paper.
In the case of taking notes during a discussion or lecture, the smartpen can record the conversation and digitize the handwriting, automatically synching the ink and audio.
Later you can tap the ink on your Livescribe notepad and the smartpen replays the conversation from the exact moment the note was written.
Notes and audio can also be uploaded to a PC where they can be replayed, saved, searched and sent.

There are a couple of aspects to this question.

Firstly the general storage capacity of the smartpen is the same irrespective of the model of smartpen you own.

  • The 2GB smartpen will allow you to store up to 200 hours of audio
  • The 4GB smartpen is up to 400 hours of audio
  • The 8GB smartpen is up to 800 hours of audio

The actual amount that the pen will store will vary based on a number of factors including:

  • You can choose to change the quality of audio recording - when you do this you naturally reduce the number of hours of audio the pen can store
  • What apps you have installed on the pen
  • How many pages of written content is on the pen

Finally, remember to remove content from your pen so as to free up capacity. The general rule is once you've finished a notebook and archived it - remove that books cotent from your smartpen.

The smartpen is about the size of a Mont-Blanc pen. It weighs close to 36 grams, is 155 millimetres in length, 16 millimetres wide at the top and 14 millimetres wide at the bottom.

The Livescribe Echo™ and Pulse™ smartpens are functionally the same. 

You can use the same applications and features currently available on the smartpens and in the software for either smartpen. You can use the same notebooks and paper products as well.

There are lots of new changes with Echo™ though. 

  • There is an option for more storage if you purchase the 8 GB memory model. 
  • Echo™ has a new sleek design, comfortable ergonomic shape, a rubber grip, a flat underside to help prevent rolling, and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • It comes with two pen caps and a new universal Micro USB cable for transferring data and charging the smartpen. 
  • The ink cartridge is also very easy to remove when it is time to replace it.  Just pull it out of the smartpen tip with your fingers.

Please Note:

A number of existing Premium accessories are not compatible with the Echo Smartpen. These include:

  • Pro Charging Cradle
  • Premium Leather Case range

A large number of platform-wide (Echo™ and Pulse™) enhancements were released as well on 18 July 2010.  

With a full charge (2.5 hours in the charging cradle):

  • You can capture text for approximately 13 hours.
  • You can record audio for approximately 6.5 hours.
  • You can record audio and text for approximately 5.5 hours.
  • You can play back recorded audio from the Smartpen speaker at full volume for approximately 1.5 hours.

NOTE: If you turn your smartpen on but don’t use it to record or take notes it will turn itself off after one hour in order to conserve battery power.

MyScript can be purchased as a stand alone product (if you already have a Smartpen) or bundled with a Pulse or Echo Smartpen. Once you purchase MyScript you will receive an email from Smartpen containing the following:

  1. Download links for both the Mac and PC version of the software
  2. An activation code

This process may take up to an hour to complete depending on time of day.

The Echo Smartpen is the latest addition to Livescribe's range of Smartpen's. The Echo Smartpen comes in a 4GB and 8GB model.

Grab the tip of the ink cartridge with your fingers and pull it out. Once the ink cartridge is removed, slide in a new one.

For further information, please consult your Livescribe Smartpen User Guide. You can access the guide by opening Livescribe Desktop and selecting the top menu "Help" option.

This information has been obtained from the vendor of MyScript for Livescribe and will be updated periodically

Compatible OS and system requirements

OS: Windows XP, XP Tablet PC, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bits) / Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard (Intel Processor Only)

CPU: 1 GHz or higher

Recommended RAM: 512 Mb

Hard disk space: 37 Mb

Screen resolution: 1024*768 minimum

Livescribe has two smartpen product lines – Echo and Pulse.

Smartpens capture everything consumers hear and write and provide quick and accurate access to important information by simply tapping directly on the written notes either on Livescribe paper, on a computer or a mobile device.  

The Livescribe smartpen is a multi-modal computer, which includes an ARM-9 processor, an OLED display, micro-USB connector, audio jack, microphone and the ability to add additional java-based applications.  

Livescribe smartpens work in conjunction with Livescribe paper, which is plain paper printed with an almost invisible grid of micro-dots. The smartpen’s high‐speed infrared camera reads the dot pattern, which enables a wide range of paper‐based applications. The camera does not see ink written, nor does it see artwork on a page. Rather, the smartpen tracks and remembers where ink is written and knows the coordinates of items such as application buttons.

Installing Livescribe Connect

Livescribe Connect is installed as part of Livescribe Desktop version 2.7 or higher. To download and install Livescribe Desktop with Livescribe Connect for your Echo or Pulse smartpen, please visit Livescribe Install

Once Livescribe Connect is installed on your computer, from with Livescribe Desktop, click on any of the “connectors” or applications displayed on the left hand side of Livescribe Desktop to launch the Connect software. You will see three tabs across the top of the application – Connectors, Shortcuts andHistory. Select “Connectors” to begin setup.

Google™ Docs Connector: Enter your Google username/password. You can choose a specific default collection or folder where you want to share your pencasts; otherwise pencasts will be hosted in the “Home” section of your Google Docs account. Remember to click “Test Connection” to make sure the connector is setup properly. If the light turns green, the connection has been established.

Email Connector: Select an email account from which to send pencasts to colleagues, friends and family. If using Exchange as your email service, you may need to ask your IT department for server and port information, like you would when setting up a smartphone.

You can hit “Send Test Email” to quickly check that your email account is successfully set-up. If the light turns green, the connection has been established.To add email addresses to your Address Book, click on “Address Book” and enter email addresses one at a time or import your contact list via a CSV file.

Facebook Connector: Click the Sign in to Facebook button using your Facebook username/password. Note that you can also adjust the default messages that will accompany the pencasts that you post to your wall.

Evernote® Connector: Enter your Evernote username/password to setup this connector. Click “Test Connection” to make sure the connector is setup properly. If the light turns green, the connection has been established.

MyLivescribe Account and Mobile Connector: Enter your Livescribe account username/password –this is also the same log-in information that you use to register your smartpen. Click “Test Connection” to make sure the connector is setup properly. If the light turns green, the connection has been established.

This connector allows you to easily upload and store pencasts to your free online MyLivescribe account [500 MB of free storage]. You can also easily access any pencast stored in your MyLivescribe account on a mobile device, including the Apple iPad and iPhone using the Pencast Player App. Note: All pencasts are uploaded as private by default, to make a pencast public, you will need to select that option on the left hand menu bar.

Computer Connector: An easy way to save and organize Pencast PDFs and other supported formats right on your computer – you can even designate the specific folder or shared server location where pencasts should be sent.


**Important Note: Once you’ve set up a connector, change a setting or create a shortcut, make sure your smartpen is docked to your computer and click the “Sync Now” button to activate these changes

Connect Basic is available for free to all Pulse and 2GB Echo customers. Connect Basic allows pencasts to be easily sent to a computer, Evernote, Facebook, MyLivescribe account and mobile devices. 

Connect Premium is available for free for all 4GB, 8GB and 8GB Echo Pro Pack Customers. Connect Premium includes all Connect Basic connectors as well as connectors for email and Google Docs.

To access Livescribe Connect, simply upgrade your currently installed version of Livescribe Desktop (Mac or PC).

Livescribe Connect for the Echo and Pulse Smartpens, is a breakthrough software solution, which makes it simple for business professionals, educators and students to send their handwritten notes and recorded audio, as an interactive pencast, to the people and online applications of their choice - all from paper.

Whether action items from a meeting or the highlights of a college lecture, you can quickly send pencasts from paper to applications such email, Google™Docs, Facebook, Evernote®, a MyLivescribe account, Livescribe’s online community or even to your mobile device, including Apple® iPad® and iPhone®.

The simplest way to send a pencast from paper is to use Launch Line, a shortcut command to launch an application.

To use Launch Line, simply draw a half-inch line there and back. Your smartpen will prompt you to enter a command by displaying “Command?” on the OLED display. Then write the name of the connector where you want to send a pencast, like “Facebook” or “email” directly above the line.

Then tap the pages or circle the sections that you want to share and double tap when you’re finished. The next time you dock your smartpen the pencast will automatically be sent.

Below are the names of the connectors you can write when prompted for a command:

  • For Email, write “Email”
  • For Google Docs, write “Google Docs” or “Google”
  • For Facebook, write “Facebook”
  • For Evernote, write “Evernote”
  • For Mobile/iPad, write “Mobile” or “iPad” or “iPhone”
  • For MyLivescribe, write “MyLivescribe”
  • For Computer, write “Computer” or “PDF” or “Me”

Livescribe connectors allows you to share an interactive pencast to specific online applications, services and mobile devices.

Livescribe currently supports the following connectors:

  • Email Connector: Handwritten notes and audio recordings from meetings or lectures are emailed using Microsoft® Exchange, Gmail™, Hotmail®, Yahoo!® Mail Plus, POP3 and IMAP, and AOL.
  • Google Docs Connector: Just by drawing a line and writing “Google Docs” on paper, anyone working on a collaborative project can quickly share a pencast with his or her team.
  • Facebook Connector: Now the 500 million people using Facebook have a new way to share their latest thoughts –as interactive written and spoken status updates.
  • Evernote Connector: Send pencasts to Evernote to play back, store and search the information along with other important digital files.
  • Mobile/iPad Connector: Send pencasts right from paper to mobile devices, including the Apple iPad and iPhone. Play back important information on-the-go with the tap of a finger.
  • MyLivescribe Connector: All registered customers receive 500MB of free online storage for their pencasts.  With the MyLivescribe connector, customers can easily upload and store pencasts for convenient access from mobile devices.
  • Computer Connector: An easy way to save and organize Pencast PDFs and other supported formats right on a computer – even designate the specific folder or shared server location where pencasts should be sent.

Livescribe Connect introduces a new pencast format-the Pencast PDF. The Pencast PDF leverages Adobe’s ubiquitous, business-standard PDF format- now anyone with the free Adobe Reader® 10 or higher can easily hear, see and share an interactive Pencast PDF.

To download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader, click here.

A Livescribe Pencast is a digital version of your notes and audio come to life as an interactive document called a pencast.

Pencasts allow you to hear, see and relive notes exactly as they were captured. With Livescribe Connect for the smartpens, business professionals, educators and students can easily send their handwritten notes and recorded audio, as an interactive pencast, to the people and online applications of their choice - all from paper. Whether action items from a meeting or the highlights of a college lecture, you can quickly send pencasts from paper to applications such email, Google™ Docs, Facebook, Evernote®, a myLivescribe account, Livescribe’s online community or even to your mobile device, including Apple® iPad® and iPhone®.

See pencast and Pencast PDF examples at

If your Livescribe smartpen isn't being recognised by your computer you may need to update the firmware on the pen. You will need to do one or both of the following steps:

  1. Dock your Smartpen and go through the process of checking for software updates. If an update is available you will need to accept the update so that Livescribe Desktop can update your pen
  2. If no updates are required and the pen still isn't recognised - please browse to this link and then search for knowledge base article 29100. This will take him to a page that describes the manual update process (If you are a MAC user you will see a link to a related article for MAC users). There is an option to download the manual app called LivescribeFWUpdater. Follow the instructions and it will do a manual update of the pen.